480 North East Road
Windsor Gardens, South Australia

Adelaide Cancer Centre


Established in December 1994, the Adelaide Cancer Centre is one of Adelaide’s largest private oncology and clinical trial research facilities. The Centre’s medical team comprises 13 medical oncologists, five haematologists, one infectious disease physician and a counsellor.

The Centre provides a friendly and relaxed environment for patients to undergo day treatment, medical consultation and other allied healthcare support services.

Dr Carolyn Bampton – Medical Oncologist

Dr Sarwan Bishnoi – Medical Oncologist

Dr Dainik Patel – Medical Oncologist

Dr Nimit Singhal – Medical Oncologist

Dr Amy Hsieh – Medical Oncologist

Dr Rachael Chang – Medical Oncologist

Dr Hsiang Tan – Medical Oncologist

Prof Sankha Mitra – Medical Oncologist

Dr Stanley Cheung – Haematologist

Dr Akash Kalro – Haematologist